Advertising, Marketing & Exposure

The Short Version:

  • REAL Discounted Advertising
  • Tons of free exposure
  • Top 2% ranked trafficked website in NYC
  • Website Syndication


The Extended Version

As real estate agents and brokers, we're sought by landlords because of our marketing skills and demonstrated abilities. Consumers contact us because of the marketing we do to generate business. Surprisingly many real estate agents and brokers are not marketing experts. This results in loss of lead and business Generation.

 Luckily, agents at Absolute Properties are revered as marketing experts. Between traditional internet marketing, print media and social media, our agent shave some of the highest exposure and click through rates in the industry. Our database is directly linked to our website and we syndicate our listings to countless websites garnering a rank  in the TOP 2% of most trafficked real estate websites in NYC.  Our team members benefit from higher website traffic than 97% of the industry. As a result, this lowers out of pocket costs for agents.

Our advertising platform is both dynamic and incomparable to others in the NYC market.


 What you need to know about "Discounted Advertising"

Many other brokers offer "discounted advertising," but what does discounted advertising really mean? To the masses, it generally refers to the out of pocket cost an agent accounts for when buying advertisements from their broker to post to sites such as

As a flat rate, craigslist ads cost $10.00 per advertisement (credit). However, when brokerages buy in bulk craigslist usually offers discounts that range from $2-4 dollars per advert. The more the broker buys, the greater the discount. At best, brokerages purchase craigslist ads at a cost of $6.00 per advertisement.

Now, many brokerages will put fluff into a hiring advertisement saying they offer discounted advertisements to their agents. By doing this ,it sounds as if you're getting a discount off of what the broker pays (meaning you should be paying less than $6/ad). When in reality, you're not getting any discount.  So, the only time you are truly getting a discounted advertisement rate is when the cost per ad out of your pocket is less than $6/ad.

At Absolute, Agents receive REAL DISCOUNTED advertising on Craigslist well below the $6.00/ad range. Agents also benefit from no desk fee and free website syndication. No other brokers provide the level of discount and exposure you will find at