Approval Process

Approval Process

Once Absolute Properties is notified that you are approved by the landlord, your agent will notify you as quickly as possible. Absolute Properties sends a notification email with the terms of your approval and begins setting up the next step, which is the lease signing. Please note that official approval and declined emails are a courtesy.

 Time Restrictions: Some landlords have time restrictions that require you to sign a lease within a certain amount of time or the apartment will be returned to the market to be rented by someone else.

Open Restrictions. Even though you may be approved for the apartment, some landlords have a contingency of approval and state that you are not guaranteed the apartment until the lease has been signed and rent and security has been paid.

You should be prepared to sign the leases immediately after being approved.

Not: Some landlords may pre-approve applications. This means that the application has been approved, but is contingent upon verification of the information you have provided.