Most people are often concerned about the commission and rightfully so. However, the commission is only part of the puzzle. What's so great about the commissions paid out at Absolute Properties is their aren't all of the crazy hidden fees or other people's hands in the cookie jar.

Agents at Absolute enjoy the benefits of the HIGHEST NET COMMISISONS in the industry while receiving the most in-depth support and systems in the industry.

As well as having the highest net commissions, agents receive the most competitive commission increase in the industry.


Net Commission vs. Gross Commission. Companies that put numbers such as 70% or 80% starting commissions for new agents in their hiring ads in almost all cases are doing exactly what they want their agents to do by luring their lead in to bite down on the ad just to get them in the office. The reality is with those commissions they are usual the gross commission and not the net commission. These types of commissions can often times be loaded down with heavy trainer payouts, hidden fees  and even listing fees. Now, imagine having been told you'll receive 80% commission, but now when you get paid the math comes out to be that you only got paid about 20% of the overall commission. What happened right? Many brokers have listing fees for even open listings. These listing fees can easily range from 5% and 30% of the gross commission. Now, add-in the fee that was paid to the trainer and you are virtually left with a net commission of 20% and you haven't even paid the desk fees they charge or your cost of advertising. So, does a gross commission of 70 or 80% really sound good?


Potential Gross Broker Fees. When speaking about commissions, some brokers will also use persuasive manipulation tactics by not even talking about the commission, but stating how much you could potentially gross in a year. What good is potentially grossing $200k a year in broker fees when you only walk away with 20%. That potential 200k works about to be 40k before advertising, desk fees and taxes. Now also keep in mind that potential, not guaranteed.


Competitive Splits. Many brokers also like to say things like competitive splits. Well what exactly is competitive? Typically a newer or younger broker with a small amount of agents offer higher splits because they don't have the resources or infrastructure to accommodate the experienced agents and this is a way to entice them. Remember, higher commissions don't always mean you will make more money.


100% Commission and non-conventional commission models. Everyone tells prospective agents they are the best brokerage with the best commissions right? Well, how do you as the agent see through all the fluff?  Remember a brokerages is more than a commission split. It's a brand.  100% commission models are a gimmick.

Now, there are agents that can be very successful at these 100% companies, but often times agents that join 100% companies are what we call "satisfied" agents. They are content with earning 1 or 2 deals a month to pay their bills and that's all. They aren't focused on growth or development.

Not  all agents at 100% companies are satisfied agents. There're also "hungry agents" which will work constantly to keep bringing in deal after deal. These hungry agents have experience and focus on their niche markets. Hungry agents often don't rely on support such as an administrative compliment or databases because they focus on what they know.

There are risks associated with working at a 100% commission company. The higher the commission to the agent, the less likely they will have any administrative tools or support and often times are left to their own devices. As well, there is also very little brand management except when focusing on recruitment.

There are agents that will say they don't need support, but everyone needs a little support every once and a while. When you do, you'll have to pay "a la carte" pricing out of your pocket for that support.


Commission isn't just the percentage, it everything you get!

As an agent, do you feel brand management is important? What about support? Are you an agent that wants the best of both worlds? A broker that will be there for you every step of the way?

If so, consider the Absolute Model, Because you'll receive the right commission for your skillet and the ability to develop and grow your commission while receiving everything including support and brand management you'll need without hands in your commission cookie jar and therefore receive the highest NET COMMISIONS IN THE INDUSTRY!