Lease Signing Process

Lease Signing Process

Now that your application has been approved, it’s time to sign the lease!


Everyone who filled out an application should be present at the lease signing. If you have tenants or guarantors who are not in the New York area, most landlords will allow the leases to be overnighted to the location and signed (some may require notarization) and overnighted back with their original signatures.

What To Bring

Each person that is on the lease should bring all checks for first month’s rent & security. They are required to be in the form of certified funds or a money order. Personal checks are never accepted at lease signings.


Lease signings are generally held as quickly as possible after approval. Some landlords may have restrictions and deadlines for lease signings that may include some type of penalty or possible loss of the apartment.


Your broker will inform you on where you lease signing will be held. This will be either at the landlord’s office or your agent’s office. You will sign two copies of the lease and most of the time, landlord’s mail the lease to your new address after you’ve moved in. Typically, the lease arrives within the first couple of weeks of occupancy.