Office & Environment


  • Private Workspaces with NO DESK FEES
  • 24-hour access to our offices (not remote)
  • Conference space
  • Professional, yet relaxed and inviting environment
  • Additional virtual (floating workstations)
  • Largest retail frontage in Northern Manhattan


Our truly inviting corporate office is close to all key transportation and with all the essential amenities desired for both our guests and agents. With many private and virtual  workspaces all of our agents have the comforts they need at their disposal including conference space, a reception and kitchen area. 


Absolute Agents have 24-hour access to the office, not just remote access. They have the flexibility to conduct business from our headquarters no matter the time of day.


The office environment is rich with an abundance of personality and character of supporting team members and administration.


Full-time agents have the ability to enjoy their own workspaces without the burden of monthly desk fees.  Unlike many brokerages that will make agents pay desk fees and not even give them a desk.