Our Policies

Supporting Documents/Required Documents

When first starting your search for an apartment in New York City, the list of required documents that your agent is asking you to produce may seem unnecessarily long and intrusive. For applicants and guarantors/co-signers that are not from the New York area, the amount of required documents may seem especially intrusive because renting an apartment in the rest of the country is a much easier process.

Please be aware that Absolute Properties (nor other brokerage firms) can not control the required documents that landlords and management companies ask for and that this list may and most likely will change if you end up applying for more than one apartment from different landlords.

One of the reasons for the extensive lists of required documents is because New York City is very tenant friendly and it is nearly impossible to evict a non-paying tenant in under three-six months.  Therefor, to protect their investments, landlords must have all information about all applicants disclosed before approving them. 


Privacy Policy

At Absolute Properties NYC (''Absolute Properties NYC", "We", "Us" or "Our"), we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriosly. This Privacy Policy covers our collection, use and disclosure oof information we collect through or website and service, www.absolutepropertiesnyc.com, owned and operated by Absolute Properties NYC.

The use of information collected through our service shall be limited to the purpose of providing the sercvice for which our Clients have engaged us.

Your name, address, phone and fax number, email address, tax ID number or SSN and any other information you provide us with are held in strict confidence.

We do not sell or share any of your information with any third parties.

Record's Maintenance 

By law, Absolute Properties is required to maintain records of all transactions regardless of level of completion for the period of your agent's association with Absolute Properties. In the event your agent is no longer with Absolute Properties, your confidential documentation will be destroyed by our shredding vendor.

Your paperwork will be handled only by persons affiliated with the transaction. 

Please be advised that Absolute Properties is not responsible for paperwork released to the landlord/management company.