Support & Guidance

At Absolute

Agents of Absolute enjoy the benefit of the most supportive and defined operation in the industry. Our entire team of agents and administration are extremely dedicated to being involved with one another daily in providing essential support and productive feedback each agents approach and performance.

You have a question, WE HAVE AN ANSWER! With an overwhelming amount of industry experience, we've been exposed to pretty. You'll have answers to your questions 24-hours a day!

As a member of the Absolute Family, you'll have the full-backend support you need to close deals and most importantly, build lasting relationships that are critical to your success.

  • Listing Support
  • Application Support
  • Closing Support
  • Legal Support
  • Advertising Support
  • Assistance with Strategy & business development


At Other firms (The Other Guys)

When new agents speak with potential brokers during interviews, they are often given fluff and receive a sugar-coated interview from a salesman telling the agent how great the company is. Many times, the only support an agent receives from a company is a bookkeeper that's willing to issue a commission check after deducted all of the hidden fees a "Tip-outs."  

Some agents will say that they don't need support and they can do everything on their own. If you're that type of agent, Absolute May not be the place for you as we believe in making sure everyone receives REAL support. Truly professional real estate agents will require support at various times in this industry. When you're at a 100% company, you won't have the support you need, when you need it (unless someone's dipping their hand in your cookie jar).  At Absolute, you don't have to pay an extra price to receive support. Along with this support, you'll benefit from the highest commissions in the city.