Training & Coaching


For Newly Licensed Agents at Absolute

  • One-on-One Daily Mentoring Sessions
  •  7 certified coaches training 1 single agent (everyday)
  • 3-month regimented training schedule
  • Weekly review meetings
  • 50-Chapter Rental Training Manual
  • Sales Training (Condos, Co-ops etc)
  • Professional Development Course


While other brokers pair new agents with a single trainer and make the trainee pay at least half of the trainees commission to their trainer, Absolute Properties  pays the trainers instead of the trainee. By doing this, it allows new agents to begin their new career on a much more stable platform. WE INVEST DAILY IN YOUR TRAINING WHILE OTHERS MAKE YOU INVEST.

Newly licensed agents will also benefit from a 3 month training regiment designed to provide all aspects of training to include practical application, roll playing, formal and informal classes, in-the-field training and even written evaluations.

As a newly licensed agent, you'll be trained by specifically selected trainers that will work with you each day during your three month training period to focus on developing the essential skills to create your success. 

Upon completion of the new agents three month initial training, you'll have the opportunity to participate  in our Professional Development Career Course.


Agent Retention

Absolute Properties has some of the highest retention rates in the city. In the past year, we've had 4 agents leave our company. Most other brokers would say we're crazy for mentioning how many people have left our firm when we talk about training, but we believe in transparency. It's essential to provide agents with facts and not fiction (especially when you're trying to plan for your future). During the same exact period, one of our competitors suffered losses of more than 50 agents.  When you compare our loss rate to our competition, does a loss of  4 agents over the span of a year sound bad compared to 50, you be the judge?

Many agents don't know to ask questions about how many agents have left the prospective  brokerage. These numbers are important for agents to know because many brokers focus on boiler-room models where they hire dozens of agents with the hopes that one will learn on their own and become successful, while the others fade out and don't make the cut because  they fail from the lack of support. Do you want to be a boiler room statistic or do you want to be a successful result?

 Why's all of this important to you? Agents don't leave Absolute because they receive the training & tools they need to be successful!

Make the right choice!


Compared to the Industry (The Other Guys)

When newly licensed agents join brokerages, they're often during the interview  they'll receive all kinds of training from their soon-to-be new broker. This is often a large reason the agent decides to associate with a broker. Unfortunately with many brokerages its almost all too often a "tap dance" by the broker to get you to associate. When an agent joins the new company, they are assigned  a "certified trainer" that will mentor them to success. They aren't ever told by the broker or the trainer that their commission is going to be impacted and virtually cut in half (if not more).

Furthermore, this so-called in-depth training the new agent receives from other brokers is quite often from a person sitting behind a desk and the extent of the training is conducted where the trainer tells the new agent to go out on the street and preview and come back and post low priced ads. This method isn't training .

Now, after the new agent has been associated with their new broker for a few months, the trainee begins to realize they haven't gotten any real training and they are often struggling financially by this point because they trusted the broker. Quite often, the new agent ends up leaving the real estate industry because they are now out of funds to keep them afloat and they believe that every broker is like that.

Is that the kind of training you're looking for or would you like to receive real training and coaching from a proven team of trainers?